A New Season!

It’s hard to believe, but Spring has come to a close. Between vacationing in England and France, and working on our family farm, this season in our lives has flown by. While our travel time was absolutely dreamy, it’s always nice to be home. When the seasons change, I typically change over decor and inspiration in our personal spaces as well, and this warm weather has me feeling extra inspired. Here’s a few things I’ve been up to…

Photo- betsy blue photography Venue-Sweet Rose Farm Roses-David Austin Cake-Mrs. Cards Cakes Decor-Allure with Decor

Photo- betsy blue photography Venue-Sweet Rose Farm Roses-David Austin Cake-Mrs. Cards Cakes Decor-Allure with Decor

-Pulling weeds to no end in my gardens: I recently found a helpful article by HGTV that gave me some tips for making this dreaded chore go faster. With our expansive land and garden spaces, there are plenty of weeds to keep me busy! My favorite new tips: to place mulch over areas where there is a lot of blank spaces for weeds to grow and expand, and to carry a mini trowel with a triangular head to really dig out the small weeds before they can spread their seeds!

-Fending off hawks and trimming roses: I definitely find one of these tasks more inviting than the other (I think it’s pretty obvious which one!). We have found hawks trying to prey on our beloved chickens, and one almost got to my favorite, Rosie. I like tending to my heirloom roses much better than trying to ward off the wildlife, and carefully prune them to make sure they grow strong and healthy. 

Photo-Sharon Westergard Photography Venue-Sweet Rose Farm Pillow Covers-Allure with Decor

Photo-Sharon Westergard Photography Venue-Sweet Rose Farm Pillow Covers-Allure with Decor

-Changing over my home decor to something lighter: I love things light and bright, especially as the weather gets warmer, and I’ve also added small vases of pink roses to all my tablescapes. I love having access to so many pretty blooms, right outside my own door. I have added in Jolie Marche pillows (we now carry these gorgeous accents) in pretty hues of pink and blue to coordinate and help things feel very cohesive and pulled together. After all, the best inspiration is always found in nature itself. And as a final finishing touch, I have added citrus scented candles. I love finding organic ones, as I am pretty picky about what I bring into my home and around my family, and this one fits the bill perfectly. 

Image: Jolie Marche

Image: Jolie Marche

Urban Farming and Family | Lifestyle and Family

Nothing comes between a girl and her roo...

The words “Urban” and “Farming” might not seem like words that go together, but today, I want to share the details of what urban farming is, and why it works for our little family! Though we live in a city, we are able to grow produce and also raise chickens (and two roosters!). I love giving my kids the experience of having a farm and our own piece of land, while still living in close proximity to the city and amenities. 

If you’re thinking about urban farming, or hoping to begin this lifestyle yourself, keep in mind that you don’t have to start a large farm, or grow all your own food (though that is a really awesome benefit). In fact, the very definition of urban farming includes simply growing any sort of vegetables or raising animals.  Our property is just over an acre and we have managed to landscape in mostly edible plants.  We lined our driveway with peach trees, planted a mini vineyard, an herb & strawberry garden all in our front yard.  Our backyard we have planted Olive trees, a mini orchard, pumpkin patch and 2 vegetable gardens.  This season we also added a citrus grove.  We shall see how it does here in our Southern Oregon climate.

During the first and second world wars, many people grew their own food and helped the nation overcome desperate food shortages. Today, most people grow food, or pursue urban farming to have organic options, or to know where their food is coming from, free from GMO’s or harmful pesticides. In 2012, New York City opened their very own rooftop garden! The ideas behind urban farming center around community, resourcefulness, and a healthy lifestyle! There is something really beautiful about getting your hands in the dirt and growing vegetables and raising animals, especially for children. I love the fresh air and satisfaction of my very own garden.

I've also found a "new love" for our family pet chickens. I AM the crazy chicken lady (at least I am not the cat lady!).  We have 2 boys..Sweetie and Rosie (yes, both are roosters).  Sweetie has been packed around for 2 1/2 years by my now 11 year and Rosie is our blind rooster that you will often find me packing around.   He loves to stand by my side as I weed the garden!!


Decor Trend Watch | Bathrooms

                                                   Left : Natural White Oak Plank Flooring | Middle:  Pottery Barn Holden Bath Accessories | Right: Terrie Day's Master Bath

When you're decorating your bathroom, you have to consider who will be using it (should it be kid friendly? Great for guests?), in order to choose the best and most stylish accessories that will work for you. We went to one of our favorite stores, Pottery Barn, which we love for their classic, tasteful stylings, for the best in new bath decor!

Stripes, always timeless, set the stage for a classically styled bathroom. The charcoal and white curtain, when paired with crisp whites and dark wood, is beautiful, and would be beautiful in a guest bathroom. The simple look requires little upkeep, and will stay nice for years without major renovations to the style. The curtain would look beautiful with additional white accessories like these.  

For a children's bathroom, where items will take more wear-and-tear, you can still find stylish and pretty decor that will withstand toddlers and kids! For girls, we LOVE this shabby-chic inspired ruffle curtain from Pottery Barn. We would add in some simple bath mats to absorb bath time splashing, and maybe even this adorable footstool for those little ones reaching the sink! For the little guys, or a unisex bathroom, we would love this navy henley stripe shower curtain that would polish up any family bathroom.

For the master bath, a place of refuge and peace (hopefully!), we would choose this pretty, delicate grey and cream pattern curtain. Paired with pewter accessories and all-white linens, it would feel like a day at the spa! Grey is so soothing, but you could add in pale blues or teal greens to add some color and life to it, if your bedroom is also neutral hues. West Elm also has some gorgeous candles, similar to Anthropologies, that would work well in a soothing bath environment. This scent is amazing!

We would love to help you put together a bathroom you love! Contact us today for more information (please bear with us as our website undergoes changes). 

a beautiful Christmas to you

During this time of year, it’s easy to get nostalgic, but I always do anyways!  I feel so thankful for the many friends and clients who have crossed my path this year. I still find it amazing that I’d be honored to enter into your lives and your homes to help make them special, beautiful, and practical for your family.  YOU truly are the greatest gift imaginable. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for allowing me that privilege. 

From my family to yours, we wish you a beautiful Christmas and a very, very happy new year!